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How It Works

SEO & Marketing

Our SEO & Marketing Team will send you detailed reports that show changes in your search rankings, online content, and other valuable metrics. With custom built tools, we can provide incredible analytics to help boost user engagement.

Ecommerce Solutions

We create secure financial systems that are always in compliance with your local laws. We create systems for POS, ordering, invoicing, subscriptions, donations, and more. With automated product fulfillment, this is one of our most popular features.

Web Applications

Our custom portals are secure and reliable for multi-level organizations, and can help bridge the gap of communication between corporate, employees, and customers. Whether it's for products, people, or resources - we'll ensure you're organized!

Content Management

Wubur developers are familiar with creating a CMS, or integrating new features/plugins into existing systems. We can also design a CMS around existing systems or protocols. With analytics and artificial intelligence, we'll empower your content.


At Wubur, we know there is nobody more important than you. Yes, it sounds cliche, but it's true. We are nothing without our clients, and we want to say thank you to the amazing executives and entrepreneurs who have chosen to work with us! Below you can find more information about Wubur, our values, and company executives. Thank you!

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High Quality

Wubur developers always work to the best of their ability, with a focus on modern design and coding standards. Secure, stable, efficient, and beautiful. We'll go the extra mile to ensure your website is not only functional, but secure and efficient.


Client Collaboration

Wubur relies heavily on our customer feedback. You'll be able to provide us with images, photos, and content all from your Wubur Portal. Our unique milestone & feature progress dashboard will help you understand every step of your project.


One Year Bug-Free Warranty

Although it is a rarity, if your project experiences any bugs (in regard to the work we have completed) in the year after project completion, Wubur will fix it for free. We will always be available to offer technological advice and business consulting.


Project Recovery

Wubur guarantees that your project will be stored in an off-site, encrypted storage facility for up to one year. This can be a lifesaver if your servers become corrupted. During the development process, we work on a separate server to protect your production environment.


Legal & Transparent

All project related tasks can be reviewed and approved by you, and you'll always know what is going on. Our custom contract service allows you to review everything and you are always notified if any change or addition is required. We also offer milestone-based contracting.


Modern & Secure

Wubur guarantees that every project is created with the most recent version of PHP, MySQL/DB, HTML, etc. We do not consider outdated or unsupported code to be acceptable. We can however work with any existing system to implement neccessary upgrades or security patches.

We Love Modern Dashboards!

We Are Wubur

Our website and graphic designers work closely with our web development team, so any website or design produced is ideal for mass viewing. There's nothing worse than a slow website, so Wubur makes sure our websites load quickly, provide a good experience for your users, and keep them coming back!



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Unlike other development companies, we create wireframe and/or prototype designs at no additional cost. This helps you visualize the designs before they're being produced. We'll always make sure you're comfortable with the direction of your project.

The Wubur support portal is always available, so you can stay in touch with developers, project managers, and support staff. We are also very responsive to other means of communication (phone, messaging, email). We'll never leave you hanging!

The Wubur portal will connect you with every developer working on your project. Use the portal to view your contract, manage and approve project-related tasks, view invoices, and more. Past clients have found our portal very comfortable and useful.

Meet with Wubur developers and experts to discover opportunities for your business, brainstorm ideas, find lucrative trends, identify potential issues, and more! We'll always offer our advice and expertise to you, even if we're not in an active development cycle.

Maintenance plans to suit even the largest of companies

Meet with Wubur developers and experts to discover opportunities for your business, brainstorm ideas, find lucrative trends, identify potential issues, and more!

  • Let us keep your site modern with up to date graphics
  • Seuciryt is imperative, let wubur handle upgrades and updates
  • Just like your cars engine oil, your site needs upkeep too
  • Wubur works on a retainer for maintenance, no suprise bills

Pricing For Everyone

WE ARE Wubur


Features, Updates, Consulting


$ 35.00 /Per Hour

Emergency Fixes


New Features

Upgrades & Tweaks


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$ 299
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Fast & Modern Website

Beautiful Designs (HTML/CSS)

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Support & Consulting


Businesses & Start Ups


Full Website Development

Custom Features & Tools

Marketing & SEO Campaigns

Unlimited Revisions

Modular & App-Ready System

Dedicated Account Representitive

*$35 dollars an hour is our rate per hour if you host your website with Wubur Hosting.

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