Content Management Systems

Wubur developers are familiar with creating a CMS, or integrating new features/plugins into existing systems. We can also design a CMS around existing systems you have in place.

  • Create & Manage Your Content From One Place
  • Advanced Dashboards & User-Friendly Tools
  • Content & Visitor Analytics for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Social Media Integration to Increase Your Reach
  • Custom / Proprietary Code for Your Company
  • Unique Features and Tools Built In
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User Management Systems

With security at the front of our minds, we can create a reliable UMS that will be a driving force of efficiency at your company.

  • Manage Employees and Internal Tasks or Goals
  • Assist Customers & View Buying/Selling Analytics
  • Invoicing, Payroll, Commission, and Fee Management
  • Custom Roles, Teams, and Unique Dashboards
  • Private Messaging, Chatrooms, and Communication Tools
  • Deadline Alerts, Fail-Safe Alerts, and Custom Logic
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API Integrations

We love APIs because of the capabilities and opportunities they provide. If you need to incorporate an existing API, or create a new one, Wubur is for you!

  • Don't Rebuild the Wheel

    While custom code is our core strength, we always utilize available APIs when appropriate

  • Powerful Tools

    From analytics to artificial intelligence, we'll make use of modern and established tools.

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Features & Start Ups

From patented technology to online games, Wubur is responsible for bringing many concepts and ideas to the public. If you want it, we'll build it. Our diverse experience helps us build proprietary business tools, forms and information powered by artificial intelligence and logic, online games, and advanced processes that are 100% customized to your business needs.

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To better understand your needs, we will start our relationship by learning about you, your business, and goals for the future. We'll discuss your specific project, any possible changes to the scope, and in doing so will be able to better plan for your needs on a short-term and long-term basis alike.



Once we fully comprehend your project and ideas, we will issue an official proposal that outlines what your project will entail, a milestone-based feature timeline, and the associated financial details. This document includes any "Wubur Enhancements" we believe could benefit your project.



After reviewing our proposal and negotiating the cost, we will reissue the proposal in its final form - only including the features and pages you have agreed to. This document will always be available online and requires signing by all parties before being deemed legally valid.



As the project begins, we will set up the related tasks in our online portal. You can log in as a client and oversee your project's milestones, associated work, and the progress of everything. We will start by creating wireframes and prototypes of your project, for your approval before moving forward. Your feedback is our primary focus.



While we will always be actively prototyping features as the project proceeds, active development starts by building the pages and features you have approved the designs for. We'll program all of the logic and security, and bring your ideas to life and usability. You can view progress in our portal, or use your site as we build it!



Once the project is nearing completion, we will begin preparing you for a "production-ready environment". We will ensure the transition from our development servers is seamless, and get the project set up on your public website. We will continue extensively testing the system for issues, offer consulting, and always be available!

Pricing For Everyone

WE ARE Wubur


Features, Updates, Consulting


$ 35.00 /Per Hour

Emergency Fixes


New Features

Upgrades & Tweaks


Need a Website?


$ 299
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Fast & Modern Website

Beautiful Designs (HTML/CSS)

Contact Form

Support & Consulting


Businesses & Start Ups


Full Website Development

Custom Features & Tools

Marketing & SEO Campaigns

Unlimited Revisions

Modular & App-Ready System

Dedicated Account Representitive

*$35 dollars an hour is our rate per hour if you host your website with Wubur Hosting. Otherwise, our hourly rate is $55.00/Hour


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