Inbound/Outbound Call Services
For Service Industries

Comprehensive call center services to provide incoming and outgoing phone calls. Basic sales, service, and technical support assistance via U.S based phone support just for you.

Trained For You

Wubur live chat provides trained U.S based representitives trained for your business just the way you want.

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Service & Support

Wubur U.S phone representitives can provide service and support needs based on your business and your industry.

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Sales & Order Support

Wubur employs U.S based agents to ensure your customers speak with someone knowlegeable in your industry and products.

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Create an illusion of a much larger enterprise.

Wubur scales automatically to make sure your customers always get a certain level of service, regardless of how busy you are.

Training & Onboarding

Wubur provides training to your U.S based agent to ensure they know the best way to sell, and work with your customers the same way you would.

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Local Free Number

Wubur provides a single toll free number that allows your customers to contact you from the same number, every time.

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SMS Support

Your Wubur number comes with SMS support so your customers can not only call in, but also send text messages and get help via sms.

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Data & Records

Each and every phone call is recorded so you can keep tabs on how your office is running. Get up to date and real time transcripts on your calls.

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The time is now

No more missed called, or missed opportunities when Wubur manages your calls.

Full Transparency

Want to know the specifics? Take a look at our call center contract to see what you're getting into.

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Outbound calls

Depending on your package, enjoy up to 25 outbound calls per hour!


Toll-Free numbers avialable for your office

Properly Trained

We’re not always in the position that we want to be at. We’re constantly growing.

Multiple Agents

We provide multiple agents trained on your business to give 100% coverage.

With or without chat

All "With Chat" plans come with the Standard without chat plan. To add additional "pro" call center features please reach out to our sales team, or start a live chat.

per hour
  • Unlimited web chats
  • Trained for you
  • Unlimited Calls
per hour
  • Unlimited web chats
  • SMS live chat
  • Unlimited Calls
per hour
  • Unlimited Incomming Calls
  • 10 Outbound calls/ph
  • Premium Support
per hour
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • 25 Outbound calls/ph
  • Premium Support

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