Learn how our process works

We leverage custom technology stacks to provide you with the best experience possible. We have streamlined our process to the point you get full transparency, and an easy way to stay on top of things!


Discuss and Qualify

Every customer regardless of size, big or small, gets a one on one meeting to go over the project. We don't care how much you spend, we want to ensure you get the best service imagineable.


Proposal & Contract

Our proposals and contracts are transparent, fair, and rock solid. We believe in making sure every part of your work with us is clearly defined so we can fulfill every service guarantee!


Modern Customer Portal

You can always log in to your Wubur portal account to view the progress of your project. Explore milestones, tasks, and engage in team discussions throughout the course of your project!


View & Manage Your Project

We use modern software that helps our project managers engage with you. Feel free to start discussions, request support, task a revision or change, and more. Wubur provides a digital experience that allows for easy tracking of employee timers in real-time so you can always see how your budget is used for various features of your projects. Our tools are designed specifically to help you better manage your project and collaborate with Wubur.

  • Support Request Tickets / Create Your Own Tasks
  • View Milestone & Task Progress
  • Monitor Real-Time Staff Task Timers
  • Start or Participate in Wubur Team Discussions
  • Share Files, Request Revisions, and Collaborate

Easy Billing and Payment Tracking

We make it easy to pay your bill, see what is owed, and keep track of your billing history. The Wubur Portal lets you see overviews of your services, development projects, payments, and more. You can always access this information without having to request it. Of course, your project manager will always be willing to discuss any aspect of your invoices and payments. Wubur believes in transparent billing backed up by fair contracts with each customer.

  • Detailed, Online Invoices
  • Account Statements / Overviews
  • Billing Reminder Notifications
  • Recurring Payments or One-Time Payments
  • Credit / Debit Card Processing
  • Secure Bank Wire Transfers
  • PayPal / Third Party Processors (Upon Request)
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$35 / Hour

Wubur Hosting customers only pay $35 per hour for premium web design and development! Wubur believes in providing affordable development, design, and related services to established businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and others.

Hosting with Wubur makes it easier for us to keep your information safe. We monitor our website hosting servers day and night to protect your data, keep you online, and help you continue running your business!

Development Hourly Rate for Non-Hosting Customers

Hosted somewhere else? No problem! Wubur can work on any web hosting platform for software development, web design, or other online services. We charge $55 per hour for work completed on websites that are hosted elsewhere.

Multiple Ways To Pay

Wubur provides three primary ways to pay for your website, services, or ongoing projects. Fixed cost, pay as you go (hourly), and retainer agreements, are all great ways to start and finish your project(s). We can help you learn more about our billing options and discover what works best for your needs.

Retainer Agreement

A retainer agreement with Wubur is a wonderful choice! Benefit from dedicated support 7 days a week from a project manager and Wubur team members engaged in your ongoing development or business services. Emergency support and quick responses for all of your requests are key to avoiding delays and supporting your business. Simply pay a set amount per month for guaranteed services, development, and more.

Pay As You Go

Unlike a fixed cost, the pay as you go billing option involves accurate estimates for design and development work or other projects with Wubur. We will make sure your project stays within the proposed budget and bill you at an hourly rate as the work is completed over time. Pay as you go hourly billing is a great choice if you are unsure of your ongoing needs or if you need work done infrequently.

Fixed Rate Projects

Our traditional fixed rate quotes are perfect for you if you're looking for a set price for everything you need with agreed costs for additional options you can add to your project at any time! Our fixed cost billing option is perfect for projects both small and large. You can start with a reasonable deposit and follow defined payment timelines that line up with your project milestones.

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  • Fixed Rate Project Quotes (Milestone Based Payment Timelines)
  • Pay As You Go (Hourly Rate For Completed Work)
  • Retainer Agreement (Guaranteed Services & Dedicated Support)
  • Affordable Hourly Rates - Billed By The Minute - No Rounding Up!
  • Development For Only $35 Per Hour (Wubur Hosting Customers)
  • Non-Hosting Customers Billed At $55 Per Hour

Bug Free Guarantee

Let's go over how easy it is to manage their finances. Any pictures you need, ask me for an i'll grab them. I dont' want half ass ones used, just ping me and request what portion of the portal you want a pic of. I want to discuss how we do full statements, the main login that tells you when you have invoices due, reminders, notifications, etc, etc, etc. don't talk about the retainer system here.

  • Time delayed messages by date and time
  • One-click contact messaging
  • Send a message to 1, or 1000 people simultaneously
  • Integrate with your own website to offer this service to your customers
  • Endless potential for security, push notifiations, and more
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Did you know that wubur has a one hour SLA?

Our one hour SLA guarantees that when you request a bug fix during normal business hours we guarantee we'll fix it within the hour or you'll get a credit? Pretty neat huh,

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* If you have a hosting account with Wubur, your monthly access fee for SMS access is $15.00/mo. If you do not have a hosting account with Wubur, your monthly SMS access cost is $35.00/mo. This applies to all hosting packages, regardless of cost, or term.

Additional Phone number can be purchased for $5.00/mo

Additional SMS messages can be purchased in packs of 1,000 messages for $5.00 one time, or monthly

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