IOS / Swift

If you need an application for iOS (Apple products), the Wubur team can create a fast and stable app that will quickly be store-approved! We will help you achieve your goals.

  • Swift applications designed to embrace Apple features
  • Boost user engagement with the Wubur Notifications API
  • Custom coded to suit your business needs
  • Sophisticated API to connect your app, website, and more
  • Administrator dashboard for analytics & management
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With the long supported and powerful Java language, the Wubur team can create an affordable, efficient, and stable app for mass distribution!

  • Android apps can be used by countless brand devices
  • Connect to our Wubur APIs for alerts, analytics, and more
  • Proprietary code, developed and delivered to you by Wubur
  • Securely connect your customers, employees, friends and family
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Business & Financial

With security as a priority, Wubur developers can be trusted to make innovative business products that can be trusted on a corporate level.

  • Product management, sales, invoicing, payroll, and related services
  • Connect your customers/clients with employees of varying roles
  • View detailed analytics and data for your products, staff, and customers
  • Secure communication through one-to-one messaging and chatrooms
  • Connect to powerful APIs to embrace all modern technologies
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Custom Solutions

Wubur developers are familiar with a variety of app types, and creating apps for varying operating systems. Contact us and we'll get back to you within an hour (9AM-8PM CST)!

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Our team will happily sign NDA documents upon request

  • Collaborative Planning

    Work closely with our dedicated account representative and lead developers

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Mobile Game Development

Gaming apps come in varying forms, but Wubur developers are experts with side scrollers, arcade games, 3D shooters, and the Unreal Engine.

With many of our developers having strong roots in gaming, we assure you our consulting will match our technical abilities.

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  • Secure & 2 Factor Authentication

    Keeping your users and data safe is absolutely vital. Secure verification methods and industry standards can protect you from malicious attacks or internal negligence.

  • In app ads

    If you want to display advertisements inside of your application, we'll connect you with powerful management and statistical tools.

  • API Driver

    Using our custom Wubur APIs and third-party systems, we can develop your mobile app with modern standards and capabilities at the forefront of your experience.

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    App store publishing

    From the original planning phase to publishing, your dedicated account representative and team will assist you with entering the app market.

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    Conversion tracking

    Along with other user statistics, conversion tracking will help you understand your app's reach, effectiveness, and areas in need of improvement.

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    We will always allow you to view your app's most current analytics from your secure administrator dashboard.


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