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Demo the code

See an example of how our two factor authentication works!

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The number you input into the demo is not stored in a database. In fact, neither is your code. Our goal here is to allow you to see how a two factor authentication (2FA) system might function on your own website. We will never contact you from the number you input here, nor will we let anyone else know what the number is. If you'd rather have a more secure demo of our api services, you can reach out to us and let us know.

Why You Need SMS Services

This comprehensive list shows the powerful features that become available to all clients who take advantage of our SMS services and opportunities. These tools can be bundled together, or integrated and serviced separately.

  • Phone Number Verification
  • Text or Call Notifications / Alerts
  • Purchase Orders by Text
  • Advanced Text/Call Menus & Extensions
  • Shortcode Triggers / Auto-Response

2 factor authentication

Add a second layer of protection for you and your customers. Two-factor authentification by phone can be integrated into any platform. You can have us integrate, or you can use our tools yourself.


Push Notifications

Use text messages as a way to send push notifications to your clients or subscribers. Our Web SMS portal allows you to send texts to just 1, or even 1,000 people at once.


Real-Time Analytics

Find out who's engaging with your SMS services. This helps determine sources and client reasoning for any level of service use. See who's using your extra security, push notifications, or any other Wubur SMS service.


View & Manage Your Texts

View and manage your text messages being sent through your dedicated API endpoint. Status updates, total requests, message history, and who it was sent to are all easy to track and view. These tools give you ultimate control over what's going on, and how much you're spending whenever you want or need!

  • Deploy staff access to review data
  • View all archives and messages sent, based on dates
  • Validate if messages were sent and if they were opened
  • Access your API token to create new features
  • Complete step by step instructions for do-it-yourself development

Text dashboard Controller

Send, review, and manage all of your contacts, texts, and push notifications from one place. The Wubur portal gives you the ultimate control in sending text messages to your clients. With the ability to reach out to clients in real time, the Wubur portal is the perfect solution for your company.

  • Time delayed messages by date and time
  • One-click contact messaging
  • Send a message to 1, or 1000 people simultaneously
  • Integrate with your own website to offer this service to your customers
  • Endless potential for security, push notifiations, and more
Get Started

Completely Customizeable

Our SMS API allows you to use it however you please, or you can purchase it as part of your website development. We can even integrate it for you.


Simple Pricing

Access to the Wubur SMS API is simple. It's $30.00/month if you do not host your website with us, and $10.00/month if you do. See our affordable text pricing.


Web Portal Access

You can setup delayed messages (appointment reminders, etc), or live messages. Newsletters, push notifications, or anything else is all managed from an easy to explore dashboard.


Endless Possibilities

Our API is not designed to restrict how you use it. We encourage unique ways to utilize our tools. We have no reasonable use case restrictions on our API. Of course, if you send spam to people, you'll be blocked. That's just bad business.

* If you have a hosting account with Wubur, your monthly access fee for SMS access is $15.00/mo. If you do not have a hosting account with Wubur, your monthly SMS access cost is $35.00/mo. This applies to all hosting packages, regardless of cost, or term.

Additional Phone number can be purchased for $5.00/mo

Additional SMS messages can be purchased in packs of 1,000 messages for $5.00 one time, or monthly

*All SMS plans have a monthly access fee of $15.00 per month.

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5,000 Messages (monthly)

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